The Dartt Smart Logistics Circle Check is a smartphone app designed to remove the paperwork from the mandatory and advisory daily walk-a-round vehicle check.

Combining latest ID technology and Hypercat enabled data together with the smartphone sensors, the app ensures efficiency and accuracy throughout the process maintaining safety standards.

Guiding the driver through the steps required to inspect the vehicle safety and inventory, as well as recording the results and notifying any issues in real-time, ensures both driver and operator can be confident the vehicle is both safe and compliant for the journey ahead.

Where issues are identified the app provides an ability to report problems by selecting it from the DVSA list, taking photographs or using the point and click screen. Departments or individuals responsible for maintenance and scheduling receive notifications in real-time increasing operational efficiency. Minimising the risk of problems occurring during trips reduces overall costs, improves drivers’ road experience and ensures compliance with safety and other regulations.

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