CEO and founder Brad Cooper has in depth experience of transport and logistics going back to the early 1980s.

Upon graduating in Civil Engineering, Brad started his career in System Analysis working with Freight Computer Services part of National Freight Consortium, and then Excel Logistics, which was eventually merged with DHL.

Working within the fashion retail, grocery and leisure divisions, Brad helped design systems for small independent companies as well as large multinationals, working at locations throughout the UK, in Europe and USA.

Being a co founder of what grew to become one of the leading providers of traditional telematics solutions, Brad has a comprehensive understanding of the needs of Supply Change Management, within the domestic market and internationally as well as in Europe and North America.

Hearing what operators were saying about the difficulties that exist in the sector and understanding the technology as well as the operational needs, Brad founded Dartt in 2013 as a consultancy working towards making improvements in transportation.

Brad works with equally experienced individuals to develop agile solutions with the latest available technology to provide easy to use, fast to install, straightforward solutions to the old problems surrounding operational efficiency and cost cutting.

Fuel costs have trebled since the early 1980s. Reduction of fuel use lowers cost and lowers emissions.

Health advisors have greater understanding of the health implications surrounding poor air quality due to emissions and particulates, and the cost to service providers for treatment, as well as the cost to individual sufferers and their carers and families.

Advances in technology mean that available solutions don’t need to cost the earth.

At Dartt, we are proud to offer our consultancy services as well as our products to help improve sustainable transport for all.

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